2 Metal relief sculptures
12’h x 9’w x 8”d  (East station entrance)
6’6”h x 7’w x 6”d (West station entrance)

Brookpark RTA Station – Brookpark, Ohio
Collection of Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

“CLEVELAND AT WORK” consists of two pictorial metal sculptures commissioned for the exterior of a new commuter rail station of the CRTA. The designs include imagery that references automobile manufacturing and the other heavy industries that surround the Brookpark train station. Both works are intended as an homage to Cleveland’s manufacturing heritage and the people who work in those industries.

The Brookpark train station has two entrances (on the East and West sides of the tracks) and the commission involved two different themes for those locations. The station’s East side relief sculpture is the larger of the two and features contemporary manufacturing scenes and suggestions of the Cleveland skyline. The West side sculpture reflects on the defense industry during the World War 2 era, and in particular women in the workforce, as many of this area’s factories were involved in the war effort.