“Spare minimal shapes are valid expressions in sculpture, but once taken in they can become as ignored and “invisible” as the furniture we live with. I try to provide complexity in artwork that encourages the viewer return and discover more levels in the composition or narrative content. Public art shouldn’t just decorate the site by filling a void, rather it should connect the site to its human side and the viewer to the architecture.”

Daniel Roache


Alaska Dept. of Health and Social Services
BASF Chemical Corporation
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan
Butterworth Hospital, Grand Rapids, MI
Charlevoix Area Hospital
City of East Lansing, Michigan
City of Traverse City, Michigan
Cleveland Clinic Hospitals
Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Detroit Medical Center, Hutzel Hospital
Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI
First of America Bank Corporation
Florida Department of Health
Frisch’s Restaurants Corp. Cincinnati, OH
Grand Rapids Community College
Grand Valley State University
Herberts-Standox, Corp, Wuppertal, Germany
Law Weathers & Richardson, PC
Licking Co. Memorial Hospital, Newark, OH
Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois
MetroHealth Hospital, Grand Rapids, MI
Michigan National Bank Corporation
Montana Tech College – Butte, MT
Munson Medical Center, Traverse City, MI
Petoskey, Michigan Public Library
St. Mary’s Medical Center, Grand Rapids, MI
Salt Lake Community College, Jordan, Utah
Spectrum Health Systems Corporation
Tampa, Florida Children’s Medical Services
Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council, Michigan
University of Michigan Hospitals
University of Nebraska – Lincoln
University of North Dakota – Grand Forks
Utah Department of Motor Vehicles
Utah Department of Veterans Affairs
Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind

Bio portrait 2014


At an early age Daniel Roache had the good fortune to study and apprentice with professional artists in their studio settings. Key in his artistic development was the mentoring by Michigan artists Ruth Loring-Janes (1966-75) and Karl Staber (1976-85). Their traditional academic training in composition, color and drawing study instilled a respect for design and finish that has carried over to the media and techniques which he later acquired while working in industry and college studio classes.

Through his college years Roache painted and experimented with other media, mainly silk screen printing, concentrating on landscape and figurative abstractions. During this same period he was also employed as a skilled machinist in the tool and die industry, as a sign painter and in various construction trades. All of these lines of work acquainted him with techniques with industrial materials that were unavailable in college art studios and eventually led to his development as a metal sculptor.

From 1975 to 1980 Roache was employed by the Detroit Institute of Arts Research Library and Education Departments. These years of hands-on contact with a major museum collection gave him a passion for art history more typical of a museum curator than a studio artist. Those years on the DIA museum staff were significant in forming a philosophy of art that continues to influence his work today.

Since leaving the Detroit Institute Arts in 1980 for life in rural Northern Michigan, Daniel Roache has been a full time studio artist producing metal sculptures and paintings for residential, corporate and public collections from Alaska to Florida. A number of works are offered through the artist and he is available to consult on special commissioned artworks for public and private sites.